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Intelligent Cycling Training

Coach John Hughes

Coach John Hughes winning Furnace Creek 508.


Anti-Aging — 12 Ways to You Can Slow the Aging Process. 106 pages from

Summer Cycling

  • Pacing — Don't be a fried rabbit.


    Training for Brevets and Double Centuries:

    • Part 1: — Overall training plan for a brevet or double century.

    • Part 2: — Training for a fast brevet or double century.


    Recovery — How optimal recovery will improve your cycling.

    Hydration — 12 myths about hydration, dehydration and performance.

    Points of Contact — Two-part article on taking care of bicycle pains in the butt, hands and feet.

    Nutrition for Cycling Endurance — 11 principals for testing and choosing nutrition.

    Older CyclistsCollection of Articles on training for senior cyclists (age 50+).

    Other publications by Coach John Hughes—From