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Intelligent Cycling Training

Distance Cycling
Your Complete Guide to
Endurance Cycling
By John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach

John Hughes Distance Cycling book from Human Kinetics.

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The book teaches the cyclist about distance cycling, which ranges from weekend club rides to centuries, multi-day tours, brevets and ultra distance rides. The book features Riding Tips from well-known endurance cyclists and Safety Tips.
Preface Cycling success depends on six factors: self-assessment and planning, training, technique, equipment, nutrition and mental factors. The authors teach these and apply them progressively to longer rides.
Chapter 1 Going the Distance Types of rides and cyclists, especially North American century rides, and 200-km brevets, which are quite popular in Europe, Canada and Australia.
Riding Tip: Goal-setting—Lon Haldeman
Safety Tip: Be predictable: behave like a car
Chapter 2:
Selecting Your Event
Selecting your ride(s) and planning your season, including assessing your interests and goal setting.
Riding Tip: Planning a season: structure and sponteneity—John Lee Ellis
Safety Tip: You are invisible
Chapter 3:
Baseline Conditioning
Aerobic training, cross-training, strength and flexibility training to prepare for specific bike training and to prevent injuries.
Riding Tip: Cross-training works!—Muffy Ritz
Safety Tip: Staying upright
Chapter 4:
Fueling the Distance Cyclist
Daily sports nutrition for the endurance cyclist.
Riding Tip: Eating store food—Jenny Hegmann
Safety Tip: Drink just enough
Chapter 5:
Gearing Up for the Long Haul
Selection of equipment and clothing for your ride(s), proper bike fit to prevent injuries, basic maintenance and simple roadside repairs.
Riding Tip: Coach John’s stable of bikes
Safety Tip: Helmet fit, maintenance and replacement
Chapter 6:
Preparing Your Body To Go the Distance
Specific training for the distance cyclist. Sample 8- and 15-week programs to prepare for the century and 200-km brevet. The programs emphasize endurance and aerobic fitness and also incorporate maintenance strength and flexibility training to reduce the potential for injury.
Riding Tip: Staying with the program—Julie Gazmararian
Safety tip: Be aware and anticipate
Chapter 7:
Conquering the Century
Planning for and participating in the ride, from what to pack to what to expect on ride day including eating, clothing, pacing, strategy, etc.
Riding Tip: What to do when it hurts or isn’t fun—Paul Carpenter
Safety Tip: Dealing with obstacles in the road and shoulder
Chapter 8:
Ultimate Training for Ultra Events
Sample training programs for riding multiple centuries in a season, 300 km brevets and double centuries and nutrition, equipment and mental preparation for these events.
Riding Tip: The bucket list: new things to do on your bike!—Pete Penseyres
Safety Tip: Two-lane roads
Chapter 9:
Mastering the Multi-Day
Sample training programs for two- to three-day weekend rides, both supported rides and self-supported credit card tours with minimal extra gear, and nutrition, equipment and mental preparation for these rides.
Riding Tip: Balancing family, work and riding—Dan McGehee
Safety Tip: Descending
Chapter 10:
Ultradistance Riding
Preparing for and participating in multi-day tours and 400- and 600-km brevets including sample training programs, nutrition, equipment and mental preparation.
Riding Tip: Curiosity: enjoying brevets and randonnées—Ken Bonner
Safety Tip: Night riding
Chapter 11:
Preventing Injury
Preventing and recognizing common overuse injuries and environmental problems of the distance cyclist, with references back to baseline conditioning and core strength (chapter 3) and bike fit and points of contact (chapter 5).
Riding Tip: Riding with muscle and mental fatigue—Michelle Grainger
Safety Tip: Dealing with dogs
Description   Table of Contents   Authors   Reviews   Excerpt   Order the Book ]