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Intelligent Cycling Training

Distance Cycling
Your Complete Guide to Endurance Cycling
By John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach

John Hughes Distance Cycling book from Human Kinetics.

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“Arrmed with training programs from John Hughes and Dan Kehlenbach, I became a UMCA champion, solo Race Across AMerica qualifier, cross-state record holder, and 1200K finisher. Distance Cycling will give you the advantages these authors gave me.” Larry Graham—past president, UltraMarathon Cycling Association.
“I wish Distance Cycling had been available 35 years ago when I struggled to find intelligent information about how to ride farther and faster. This book is a must for any rider who wants to improve overall long-distance cycling performance.” Lon Haldeman—Eight-time transcontinental record setter and two-time Race Across AMerica winner.
Distance Cycling is the coach you’ve always wanted and needed. John Hughes and Daniel Kehlenbach have taken the best and most current information about training, diet, safety, technique, and mental preparation and applied it to all cyclists yearning to go farther and faster.” Muffy Ritz—three time runner up in the Race Across AMerica and former member of the US ski team.
“I have done Paris-Brest-Paris, finished the Kona Ironman 8 times, and done Team RAAM in 2000. As a cyclist, triathlete, and amateur coach for sundry friends from time to time, READ THIS BOOK for accurate information, effective training tips, sound advise, and a comprehensive, intelligent approach to distance cycling. Author John Hughes has completed RAAM and numerous multi-day events on the bike himself and he is an accomplished writer. These traits combine into a uniquely understandable approach to distance cycling. If you have time to read only one book, read this one!.” George Stransky—Co-organizer of the Fireweed Races Across Alaska.
Distance Cycling has great information on conditioning and nutrition, and it's full of detailed week-by-week cycling training programs for various distance goals. Best of all, it's written in an enjoyable, easy-to-read style. Without a doubt, it's the best book I've read on long-distance cycling.” Dan Wallace—Veteran ultracyclist and member of the UltraMarathon Cycling Association and Randonneurs USA.
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Description   Table of Contents   Authors   Reviews   Excerpt   Order the Book ]